How To Clean Gutters With a Leaf Blower

how to clean gutters with leaf blower

Cleaning a gutter is no fun. However, avoiding the task is not an option either. Using the right equipment in the right way is key. This gets us through the uneasy task as quickly as possible.

Since you have got gutters overflowing on your rooftop, you might be climbing up the ladder to reach the top and clean away debris and wet leaves. However, there is no need to go overboard with a task requiring little effort.

To clean the gutter with a leafblower, first, assemble a gutter cleaning kit. Attach the assembled pipes to the opening of the leaf blower. Raise higher the titled front of the pipe to the rooftop. In a way that it sits at an adjusted angle on the gutter passage located on the edges. Let the leaf blower run and blow the debris and dead leaves off of the gutters.

Here we will be discussing how can you clean up the mess, why is it important, which way is better, and what happens if you get lazy with doing work.

So, let’s get straight into the topic and explore what I have learned to be effective and relatable.

How to Clean gutter with the leaf blower

Some people try to pull the leaves stuck in gutters with hands or use a hose otherwise. However, both of the two ways, makes you dread the chore.

To clear the leaves, dirt, and debris packed gutters, it is better to get yourself a gutter cleaning kit. Put all the lean pipes together. Once the system is assembled attach it to the opening of the leaf blower.

Carry the leaf blower and raise the pipe higher so that it comes at par with the rooftop. Put the tilted opening in the gutter. Run the engine and let the leaf blower blow dirt and debris off of the covered area. Make sure that you use the opening of the pipe to scoop the leaves as you are moving.

To clean properly, work through each section of the gutter. The length of the divided section depends on the blowing capacity of your electric or gas-powered leaf blower.

Knowing the difference between gas vs electric leaf blower will help you operate the equipment better.

What to do without a gutter cleaning Kit

In case you are using a ladder to perform the chore, divide the area into sections. Position the ladder in a way that working towards downspout becomes easy. Once completed, move the ladder to the next section and repeat the same process.

Since you have got to climb the ladder. It’s safe to choose a leaf blower that is light in weight. Also, the airflow has to be concentrated to take out the maximum in less time.

A cordless leaf blower is best suited for the job since you won’t have to worry about maintaining balance and checking up on the cord at the same time.
Also, a leaf blower setting has to be adjusted accordingly as to minimize the risk of experiencing jerks on the high powered setting.

How Is it right to use leaf blower as a cleaner

Imagine climbing the ladder wearing heavy gloves and a trowel. Then with great caution, you begin to take out the dirt and debris manually. Working your muscles while maintaining balance is tough right? We couldn’t agree more since its even more troublesome to get to the corners and dig out the stubborn muck.

This is just to make a point that this process can be done via the traditional approach. However, the aforementioned process makes it a best-suited option for all the right reasons.

The process is as easy as holding the equipment in your hand and letting it do the job while you stay on the ground. As for working the shoulder and arms, you can always choose easy-to-use equipment based on its specifications. All over its an easy and safe option to go for.

Furthermore, the process saves both time and effort by reducing the strain to a considerable extent. The gutter will be cleared in a few minute’s time and the effort stays minimum since the process won’t tire you.

Manually the section covered depends on the length of your arm, However, in this case, you will simply have to let the engine run and move the adjusted pipe system to your advantage.

What happens if you don’t do the cleaning


Rooftop gutter


The topmost reason has to be preventing the rain gutter from getting clogged up. Because if they do, then the water won’t have space to leave.

The leaking water can cause unnecessary damage to your house. Also, in winter, the water gets accumulated on the top and turns into icicles. The gutters can get heavy under the weight and it gets pulled off.

If you haven’t cleaned the gutters in a while, you will find wet leaves sitting in the gutter and a good leaf blower is sufficient to blow them off. Cleaning the wet leaves and stubborn muck takes time but it is still less as compared to you doing it manually.

A good Leafblower saves the gutters and lawn from turning bad as well as it helps to maintain the property so that it looks clean and nice altogether.

If you want to know more about taking precautionary measures. Here are the 10-tips to disaster-proof your house.

When the downspouts are too clogged up

Occasionally the downspouts get too clogged up and this is when you can pull out a garden hose for the rescue. Turn it on and Jam it inside the spout. This way you can get the water pressure to pull the dried stuff out and unclog the downspout eventually.

If the downspouts are not cleared properly then the only way to escape for water is getting flowed over the edge which can damage your garden and walls etc.

Still, for most of the part, you will require a leafblower to keep gutters clear of ice and leaves. Jam the opening of a leaf blower in the downspout and let the air blow out from the other end. Along with debris and trapped leaves inside.

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