Why Does My Snowblower Backfire

why does my snowblower backfire

The first thing, that you prime yourself for winters is getting ready for snow-packed outdoor. Which is why Snowblower is a must-have to cope with the harsh weather condition. However, keeping it won’t do any good if the equipment misbehaves while you need it the most.

Why does my snowblower backfire is a real concern that has to be addressed sooner than later. It does so when the gas has been sitting for too long and the fuel system gets clogged up as a result. Or the air volume is not properly adjusted to maintain engine temperature. Watch out for the engine timing as well. Also, a lean carburetor adjustment produces similar effects. Check for the Muffler construction as it can disturb air controls that can lead to backfire. Lastly fixing a degraded spark plug can smooth over the functioning in no time.

Here are the five probable causes that I found to be useful while digging out the information.

  • Bad fuel system
  • Muffler Construction
  • Degraded Spark Plug
  • Badly Adjusted Engine Speed
  • Engine Timing

Why Does my snowblower backfire

#1 Bad fuel system

When we allow the gas to sit in for too long in the fuel tank, it is highly probable that the system can get clogged up because of the old bad fuel. Also, a high proportion of alcohol content in gasoline can lead to an oxidation process that will further derail the system. Moreover, a Clogged carburetor that has been allowed to run lean is what can cause us trouble for obvious reasons. You can clean a carburetor pretty well without having to remove it.

The following video explains how to clean a clogged carburetor and eliminating the cause behind it.


#2 Muffler construction

Once the air control is disturbed through a badly designed muffler, then the engine temperature can sour high or turn low due to improper air proportion. Improper Air proportion can clog up the system easily or leave a certain amount of unburnt gasoline that can cause the engine to behave badly. A damaged or a hole bearing muffler can also make the pre-Muffled exhaust to leak.

#3 Degraded Spark Plug

Because of the carbon build-up or a weekend electrode, the spark plug decimate overtime. This results in an improper ignition or no ignition at all. The engine responds accordingly and the snowblower backfires.

#4 Badly Adjusted Engine Speed

If you are turning the engine speed low way too fast, then take caution and change the procedure right away. Speeding up the process takes away time from the engine to cool down and this can further fuel the backfire.

#5 Engine Timing

Unburnt fuel is often attributed to an improper start in the ignition cycle of an engine. Delayed timing can cause the process to begin even before an exhaust valve is fully opened and this can lead to the backfire
The following video by Repair clinic explains how to fix the rough engine and get it going.


You will find the Briggsandstratton FAQs section relatable in terms of causes and possible fixes for the after fire as well.

Essential fixes for the rough Snowblower

  •  Clean the carburetor with carburetor cleaner to remove the clog. A carburetor rebuild kit is a second-best alternative to go for if the cleaning doesn’t yield results
  •  Change the gasoline before it turns old and does not leave it to sit in the fuel system for long. Try using good fuel stabilizer and use gasoline with low or zero proportion of alcohol
  •  Replace the muffler equipment and update design for better air controls
  •  Replace the spark plug if it is defective. Moreover, change the ignition coil and electrical system in case the plug fix doesn’t work
  •  Give the engine its due time to cool down by gradually lowering the speed
  •  Maintain the electrical system and speed to maintain engine timing

The spruce best explains the troubleshooting tips in details that you might want to check out

How to avoid the hassle

clogged carburetor

The best way to go about it is by understanding the equipment you are dealing with.  Better knowledge will lead to less fumble and timely response, that can save you from unnecessary trouble. Here is a quick guide that includes information on how a snowblower actually works.

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Do let us know about your experience with your snowblower and what kind of problems you are facing.

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