Best Leaf Blower For Drying a Car

best leaf blower for drying car

Using a leaf blower to clean the lawn or driveway etc of leaves and debris is mainstream. Ever tried using a leaf blower for drying a car? Because if you haven’t, then the information right at your disposal will certainly shift your perspective for the better.

A leaf blower is a multi-purpose investment and hence requires the user to be careful in its consideration. So let’s get straight into exploring all the relevant details from decision making, and the right method for-use to choosing the best leaf blower for yourself.

SpecificationsWORX WG520 Turbine 600Hitachi RB24EAP -2 Cycle EngineBLACK+DECKER (LB700)
CFM320-600 CFM441 CFM180 CFM
MPH60-115 MPH170 MPH180 MPH
Power sourcecorded-electricgas-poweredcorded-electric
weight (pounds)6.684.4
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Check out CFM vs MPH if you are new to the concept of speed control in leafblowers.

1. WORX WG520 Turbine 600:

WORX WG520 Turbine 600

Worx leaf blowers are generally recognized for their lightweight and efficiency while ensuring that the power, performance, and innovation are not compromised. The driving element of the specifications is to ensure that you are able to do the work better and do it by yourself.




Why we love it:

#1 Variable Speed Control

The product is designed for both open and tight spaces. You can adjust the required speed between the range of 60 to 115 MPH and 320 to 600 CFM given the dimensions of the area. Which works perfectly if you are planning to dry-off your car after hand washing.

#2 One-Hand Operation

✅ Power-packed performance❌ Pushes back hard on high power setting
✅ Hyper stream air nozzle
✅ Extension cord retainer
✅ 3-year warranty


2. Hitachi RB24EAP -2 Cycle Engine:

Hitachi RB24EAP -2 Cycle Engine


Hitachi accessories are known for making a mark in the power tool industry. Having known for its product and reliability, Hitachi leafblowers gives you a bang for the buck.



Why we love it:

#1 High Air Volume and Velocity

The machines give for the right air volume coverage to blow the water off of your car. Air velocity of 170 MPH and an air volume of up to 441 CFM makes it a go-to option for big and quick tasks both.

#2 Lightweight Design for User Comfort

✅ 2-stroke engine technology for a better environment❌ Ethanol-free gas is a little costly for the fuel system
✅ Certified to the EPA’s highest useful life rating
✅ 7-year consumer use, 2-year commercial use warranty




Black decker is a decades-old brand known for producing just the right kind in innovative power tools. This machine definitely ticks all the right boxes and bring you the desired result at a reasonable price.


Why we love it:


#1 Fast and easy cleanup

Speaking of its power source, 7 Amp motor works in a powerful and efficient manner to deliver a high-blowing performance. The product qualifies the test of ability to its best by working at the air velocity of up to 180MPH and air volume coverage of up to 180 CFM.

#2 Easy one-handed use

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Why do you need to dry off the car with a snowblower

The drying of the car has us thinking about all the options we could get our hands on and make our ride look clean and perfect in no time. Chamois, Microfiber towels, cotton towels, water blades pop-up in our minds as some of the ways we can try. Or someone who’s extra cautious is likely to leave it for a natural Air-dry.

But the question is, do the aforementioned options work in our best interest? Probably not, for the fact that

  1. You have to maintain your distance with the car’s paint
  2. Natural Air-dry causes stubborn water spots, that leads to more trouble

However, if we think out of the box, we will end up on a pretty decent option available, which is a ‘‘Leaf blower”. Be it gas or electric leaf blower, the following are the elements integral to validate its use for drying purposes.

1. Safe to use

The main concern for picking out the leafblower amongst all the other options available is that its safe to use. You won’t have to worry about scratching your car. It’s completely safe to use it on paint since there is no friction and the surface is not in contact with the blower.

2. Right one for the Job

Drying the water with a towel is not as easy as it seems, reaching out to every single droplet on the car is nearly impossible since the water has a tendency to make its way to unique hiding places.

Drying off with a leaf blower makes sure there are no dried water droplets stains on the vehicle and deals with the moisture while preserving paint and overall outlook.

3. Super-Easy

You do not have to bend your arms at various angles or reach out to a certain length because a leaf blower has got you covered over this. Just hold the leafblower at right angles and you won’t have to worry over crouching or reaching out.

4. Quick in use

Instead of drying your car manually, it’s time-saving to dry off the moisture within minutes and go about your daily routine. This way you get the work done fast without having to give up on your planned schedule.

5. Cost-saving option

Most of you are likely to have a leaf blower for cleaning the porch, driveways, etc. So, you won’t have to buy a new accessory for the task. This saves you from bearing the unnecessary cost.

Learn more about the innovative ways to use a leaf blower.

How to Use a leafblower for drying  purpose

Beware of Dirt and Gravel

Since the process is all about blowing the air right through the opening at the surface of the car. It’s important to not ruin the cleaning by kicking off the dirt from the ground. The same goes for gravel driveways. It’s necessary to have your car standing at a wet and clean spot before you proceed.

Maintain the distance

There is no point in using a leafblower if the user doesn’t maintain a careful distance from the surface. The tip can scratch against it and cause unintended damage to the vehicle. Which is exactly what we have stressed in avoiding since the beginning.

Check out how a leafblower works if you haven’t already.


We have top picked WORX WG520 Turbine 600  for all the right reasons one can think of with special emphasis on its ability to perform in the best manner. This highly reviewed product right here has an impressive and best-rated drying power. Which makes it even more relevant in the present context. From high-performance features to its durability, this is just the right kind made to last longer and serves as a valuable addition for the required task.

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