Best Time to Buy a Snow Blower

Winter brings with it the calmness of mind and soul. To live this season to the fullest, you need to be prepared for the snowfall that might accompany it. Though shovels are usually kept at homes in areas that experience snowfall, it takes a lot of energy and time to clear snow with the help of a shovel. Moreover, shovels do not work in areas that may experience extreme whiteout. The best option in such a scenario is keeping a snow blower. As it might seem to be a bit costly to many people,  let’s see what is the best time to buy a snow blower at cheap rates.

Before you step out to buy a snow blower, a few things should be kept in mind. As a customer, you need to do some homework on searching for companies that sell efficient snow blowers at better rates. Most of the buyers are interested in buying the latest model of snowblower while being unaware of the fact that the production year of a snow blower has little influence on its performance, unlike automobiles. So, it is better to ask for an older model at a discount rate. 

Find what to look for when buying a snow blower:


There are certain times of the year when you can find the most attractive deals at lower prices. Read through the following list to buy a quality snow blower  that will last long and that too, at cheaper rates.


The end of the winter is considered to be one of the best times to buy a snowblower as little stock is left in the stores. As there is no snow left on the ground and is also not expected shortly, there is no incentive for the stores to re-stock the aisles with a snow blower at that time. The stores are eager to get rid of the remaining little stock so that they can fill the aisles with the required tools and devices of the season.

Realizing this, the stores offer steep-discounts and clearance sales on the left-over stock of snow blowers. You can also grab some really sweet deals in this time of the year. It is just like the automobile industry; as the new year starts, they want to stock the showrooms with the latest models and thus are incentivized to sell the previous models at discount rates.

Pro: You can get snowblowers at cheaper rates

Con: As snow blower becomes an off-season tool in spring, stores have little stock and lesser variety. Thus, you will have a limited choice.

Early Fall

If the price is your main concern, early-fall is the best time to grab a snow blower. Consumer Reports have shown that August and September is the peak time to buy a snow blower at cheaper rates. The reports also indicated that though this time is an opportunity to save your money on a snow blower, it might not provide you much variety to choose from. It should be kept in mind that sales mostly occur when the stock is less and the season is out.

Pro: You can save money on the snow blowers, as sales are on.

Con: You might not a good quality snow blower that would last long


It may sound crazy, but yes! Summer is the best time to shop for a snow blower. During this time, both the consumers and stores are focused on lawn mowers and leaf blowers. There is a little concern for the snow blowers. But luckily, this is the time that the manufacturers are introducing their new models in the market. So you have both the options to buy the latest model at an introductory price or buy an older model at a discount rate. As there is a very less number of population that buys a snow blower during summers, so you will have to look for the stores that have a stock of snow blowers.

If you use a price tracker to see the prices of snow blowers throughout the year, you will find a significant dip in the prices of snow blowers between June to August.

Pro: A wide range is available for selection, for both the new and older models

Con: As a significant amount of stores will be focusing on lawn mowers, you will have to make some real efforts to find stores that are dealing in snow blowers

End of Winter

The end of the winter is hands-down the best time to go for shopping a snow blower. In this period, the store owners are eager to get rid of the remaining stock and restock the aisles with the much-needed tools of the upcoming spring season, like gardening tools, etc. Thus, it is reported that the snow blowers experience a significant decrease in prices.

It should also be considered that you can still have a variety of snow blowers to choose from. You just have to dig for stores that have not been so lucky this winter to sell out a major portion of their stock. Greater the number of articles of snow blowers in the aisle, more eager would be the stores to sell them and hence, you can do some good bargaining.

Pro: You can grab some amazing deals as stores are eager to get rid of their stock

Con: As it is the end of the season, you will not have to use the snow blower for almost a year. So, the snow blower would be sitting for a long time.

Mid of a Warm Winter

If your region is experiencing an unusually warm winter, consider it as an opportunity to buy a reliable and inexpensive snow blower. As most of the people buy snow blowers at the last moments, the stores would have a huge stock of snow blowers. You would get to see a wide range of them. Prices might not be so low but lesser than those after a snowstorm.

What is the Worst Time to Buy a Snow Blower?

We all have had experiences of  situations when a meteorologist forecasts a tornado and every when rushes to the grocery stores to stock up food and pantry items. Or a Black Friday when crowds rush to the stores and try to grab whatever they can from the shelves.

The situation of stores selling snow blowers just after or before a snowstorm is no different than the above-mentioned situations. It is the worst time to buy a snow blower when a snowstorm has been forecast or just passed. A large number of people will be competing with you to buy a quality snow blower. It goes in the seller’s favor and there is a significant increase in the prices.

Concluding Note

Before you go for buying a snow blower, always do some research on what type of snow blower would be suitable for you. There are so many types of snow blowers available that it would be difficult for you to choose the right one standing in the store. Be sure of the features you want in your snow blower. Once you have decided, look for the best time to buy a snow blower and go for it.



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